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Where did ‘his lovely’ go to?

Where did ‘his lovely’ go to?

Peter Sarstedt is often considered to be a bit of a one-hit wonder (although fans might beg to differ) with his iconic track ‘Where Do You Go To My Lovely?’, which is addressed to the fictional character of Marie Claire and is peppered with high-end brand placements and namedrops that would make even today’s rappers blush.

What do you do when you have a massive hit but none of your other ideas are getting any traction?

You write a follow-up to your original of course.  You try and create a franchise!

In 1997 Sarstedt recorded a sequel, “The Last of the Breed (Lovely 2)” on his CD England’s Lane. This picks up the story of Marie Claire twenty years on, living now in London. It names more people and places, including Belgravia, Ballets Russes, Cape Town, Claridge’s, Gstaad, John Galliano, Harrods, Jerusalem, Long Island, Milan, Rudolf Nureyev, Palm Beach, Rio de Janeiro, and Isabella Rossellini.

What next?

Well rumour has it that Sarstedt and a co-writer were working on a further sequel, “Farewell Marie-Claire”, in which the story was brought to a conclusion. The song was to feature the same waltz feel as the original. But Sarstedt’s retirement from the music industry meant that the track was abandoned.  We would have loved to have heard that one!!

Listen to JimBob’s Music Massacre’s take on the Lyrics to ‘Where Do You Go To My Lovely’ now!


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JimBob’s Music Massacre S01 E04 – Gucci Gang & Peter Sarstedt

JimBob’s Music Massacre S01 E04 – Gucci Gang & Peter Sarstedt


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This week they are joined by guest artist Callum McIntyre as they go toe-to-to with the Gucci Gang (who now know where to find Bob) and wonder about what went on inside Peter Sarstedt’s head when singing about what went on inside Marie Claire’s head!  Listen now…everyone else is!!


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