JimBob’s Music Massacre S01 E07 Busted Beach Boys

JimBob’s Music Massacre S01 E07 Busted Beach Boys


This one’s a right laugh!!  Download the MP3 above or scroll down to listen on YouTube and/or SoundCloud!

Chris Price

The one and only JimBob’s Music Massacre continues with this latest episode featuring self-styled ‘Best-Bassist-From-Barnsley’ Chris Price from the Unthanks. This comedy music podcast stretches the lyrics of your favourite songs to breaking point as hosts Jim & Bob are joined by guest musicians to help highlight the issues.  The laughs were aided along by Chris’ ethically sourced beverages and home-made hummus that may actually have just been garlic paste 😉


Beach Boys

This week JimBob’s Music Massacre takes on the lyrical might of Busted and wonder exactly what it would be like living in a future as imagined by them… and also feel uneasy as they come to terms with the implications of a Beach Boys song.  Let’s just say that this week the Beach Boys get Busted…or…Oh Boy, do Busted get Beached (think abart it!).

This is the penultimate episode in a series that playfully teases some of the host’s favourite artists (yep, the boys like Busted…well, Bob does anyway…and we’re pretty sure that deep down, Jim begrudgingly enjoys them too) about lyrics that don’t quite make sense!!  Make sure to sign up to our mailing list (top right) so you get the freshly baked episodes directly into your inbox.

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