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JimBob’s Music Massacre S01 E06 Beatles Motorhead

JimBob’s Music Massacre S01 E06 Beatles Motorhead


YouTube and SoundCloud links are at the bottom of the page but before you get there…have a look at what The Beatles might have looked like if they were bald.

Bald Beatles Bald Beatles

JimBob’s Music Massacre continues in its quest to decipher the true meaning of all those songs where the lyrics just don’t quite make sense. This comedy music podcast features live music from guest musicians as Jim & Bob knead out the lyrical knots from some of their favourite songs.


This week they are joined by guest artist Pheobe Wright-Spinks and guest producer Mika Watkins as they try and work out just what Ringo was on about in a Beatles song written way before they’d consumed a whole load of chemical excuses. They also get into the nitty-gritty of one of Motorhead’s songs…even though if anyone had a chemical excuse for not making every line make sense; it would surely be Lemmy!

This live-music podcast analyses lyrics and sees the hosts joined by a guest musician each episode to perform the dubious segments of the songs. They then embark on light-hearted bantz and surreal tangents to make you chuckle and keep you entertained (in easily digestible, snack-sized chunks-of-content).

Listen now on YouTube (or scroll down for SoundCloud):

Listen now on SoundCloud:

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