JimBob’s Music Massacre S01 E04 – Gucci Gang & Peter Sarstedt

JimBob’s Music Massacre S01 E04 – Gucci Gang & Peter Sarstedt


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Jim and Bob weekly comedy podcast featuring song lyrics and live music continues as they try to decipher all those not-quite-right lyrics that artists thought they’d got away with…until now!!

This live-music podcast analyses lyrics and sees the hosts joined by a guest musician each episode to perform the dubious segments of the songs. They then embark on light-hearted bantz and surreal tangents to make you chuckle and keep you entertained (in easily digestible, snack-sized chunks-of-content).

This week they are joined by guest artist Callum McIntyre as they go toe-to-to with the Gucci Gang (who now know where to find Bob) and wonder about what went on inside Peter Sarstedt’s head when singing about what went on inside Marie Claire’s head!  Listen now…everyone else is!!


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Jim & Bob come up with new podcast concept!

Jim & Bob come up with new podcast concept!

Bob & Volker

Turns out no photos of Bob & Jim are readily available right now so in lieu of that, here is a picture of Bob and German film director, Volker Schlöndorff at the German embassy.


Jim and Bob have been looking to work together on a new entertainment project for a few months and after some extensive workshopping have come up with an idea whereby they can bring together their comedic and musical influences.

Jim has always been about the music whereas for Bob, the lyrics play a much more significant part in his enjoyment of a song.  Bob was commenting on the fact that there were a lot of songs out there that he really enjoyed despite the fact that sometimes a line or two in them seemed to ‘jar’ and not make total sense.  On reflection, Jim realised that a lot of the songs he loved also had similar issues and so they started to pick them apart…and had a lot of fun doing so…

…and so the concept was born…

Next they needed to come up with a name and a format!

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